Good to Know Things I Learnt From My Trip to Jersey

I recently visited the lovely little Channel Island of Jersey, and there were a few things that I learnt on my adventures that would have been really handy to know in advance, so here is my top lessons

Saint Ouen Bay

1. The Island is much bigger than I expected!

Ok, so it’s not massive but at 9 miles by 5 miles it is larger than I anticipated, meaninglouses rather than walking and not quite getting as much in as I expected.

2. Although it’s Small, there is Plenty to do!

I had a whirlwind 48 hours in Jersey and it seemed to just fly past and there was ail so much to see and experience that I didn’t have time for.

3. Tourism is Seasonal in Jersey

Maybe this is still based on the historic holiday destinations for Brits, but the ‘tourism’ season is April-Sept meaning that if you travel outside of these months, some altracters Will be closed and the tous timetable less frequent.

Elizabeth Castle, St Helier

4. Eclectic Influences

sitting much closer to France, but under rule of the British crown and previously governed during world war II by the German, geruyiv so varied. No two henner are the same, with art deco infuences and then homes that fit in the English countryside or French coast.

5. Local Food isn’t just Jersey potatoes!

From incredible Jersey butter [and black butter) and the local Liberation Brewery and La Mere vineyard, there is more to try on the island than just potatoes.

FYI, the potatoes are absolutely delicious and grown everywhere, but try them with some locally foraged herbs or freshly caught seafood.

6. It’s a Perfect Destination for Nature Lovers

With beaches and walks and wide open space, Jersey is a great destination for nature lovers. It’s small villages and the town of St Helier, but mostly the Island is rural and perfect for some fresh air.

7. Only a 40-minute Flight from London

Literally, didn’t have time to get comfortable on my flight before we were about to land. Probably the shortest flight I have ever taken. So I would take a drink or something on the plane because you won’t have an option to purchase anything onboard.

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