7 Absolutely Awesome City Destinations in The UK

The United Kingdom is a beautiful and stunning travel destination, and there are so many incredible places to visit. Here are my top 7 UK destinations for when you are planning your next trip.

Will your favourite make the top 7?

1. London

Maybe a bit predictable that the capital city makes a list, but it earns its place. Vibrant, dynamic and inclusive London has something for everyone. Jam-packed with history and culture and always something (generally something different and quirky) going on. With its free museums and galleries, unique markets and great food and drink there are endless ways to explore the city.

Recommended area to see: Southbank


2. Edinburgh

Scotland’s capital city always gets the vote for one of the best places to visit in the UK, and after spending two weeks there previously, I understand why everyone loves it so much. An outrageously pretty city, steeped in history from the Castle down the Royal Mile to the Scottish Parliament and Holyrood Palace and, in contrast to its seriousness, a festival atmosphere, especially over the summer, its a city of energy.

Recommended area to see: Edinburgh Castle


3. Brighton

A fabulous seaside town (alright it isn’t quite a city) with a buzzing nightlife in contrast to the daytime peace and tranquillity: the ambient daytime sounds of the sea, chatter and laughter of visitors, and the cackling of cheeky seagulls. By night, the town lights up, almost literally as an unofficial LGBTQ+ capital of the UK. Bright, colourful and creative Brighton is a great place to visit all year round.

Recommended area to see: Brighton Pier


4. Belfast

For some, the Northern Ireland capital may seem like an obvious choice; however, Belfast is only just growing as a travel destination because of its turbulent history of violence especially during the 90s. What has been a dark past, now becomes a learning experience, with tours and walks around the murals and street art that shaped the city. The locals are open and honest about their history and greet visitors warmly (as they didn’t have tourists for many years). Nearby is the Giant’s Causeway and Game of Thrones filming locations to explore the wider city and with over 80 hotels due to be built over the next 5 or so years, Belfast is open for visitors.

Recommended area to see: Titanic Museum


5. Glasgow

To some, Glasgow might be a wildcard choice. Stereotypically much darker and rougher than Edinburgh, Glasgow has had a bit of a bad press begin in the shadow of its capital city, but I see an edgy, rebellious and spirited city.

The motto of the town is that ‘People Make Glasgow’ and this is very true. With stories about how the Glasgow Council purposefully change the street name of where the South African Embassy address during Apartheid to ‘Nelson Mandela Square’ (so every letter from the embassy during Mandela’s imprisonment would have his name on it via the address) shows not only their strong beliefs but also their cracking sense of humour.

Recommended area to visit: Clydeside


6. Liverpool

Home of the Beatles (and a whole music movement) and a former European City of Culture, Liverpool has such an energy that makes it a great destination. The city is also home to the oldest Black African community in the UK and the oldest Chinese community in Europe. With its dockyards that were the home of White Star Line (the company behind the Titanic) and its football teams being some of the oldest and most distinguished in the country, Liverpool is a fiercely proud city (with every right to be!).

Recommended area to visit: Cultural Quarter


7. Oxford

Maybe its because I lived in a University town (or that I am a massive Harry Potter fan!), but Oxford is a little gem of a destination. One of the oldest Universities in the world, a city of spires from the University buildings dot the skyline. Christchurch University Hall is the filming location for the Great Hall in the Harry Potter films, and you do feel like you have left the Muggle world behind. Only an hour from London it makes a great day trip.

Recommended area to visit: Radcliffe Camera


What UK destinations make your list? Leave your comments below 🙂

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