How Green Is Your Hotel? Tips For Finding An Eco-Tourism Resort

As more people travel and the concerns about the state of the environment and the future of our planet mount, the desire for reducing our carbon footprint and trying to be more green, destinations are aiming to be more environmentally conscious. Here is a list of things that you can find in an eco-tourism friendly resort.

Renewable Sources

Bit of an obvious one but hotels consume a lot of energy as there are a lot of people. Many are now using renewable sources to reduce their carbon footprint (especially destinations with lots of sunshine) so look out for solar panels and wind turbines.

Master Key Cards

Many hotels now have master key cards that control the lights, sockets and heating/air con of the room, meaning that while you are not in the room additional energy is not being consumed.

Water Waste

There are many ways by which hotels can limit water waste, such as flow restrictors on taps and showers, and by dual flush toilets.

Many hotels also ask to reuse towels to avoid excessive washing. By just hanging up your towel they will not be replaced.

Toiletries Freebies

Some hotels have now started using large pump dispensers for soap and body wash in the bathrooms rather than many small complimentary bottles, reducing plastic waste.

Locally Sourced Food

Not only locally sourced food incredibly delicious and it supports local suppliers, but the bonus is also that it has a much lower carbon footprint as it isn’t imported.

Paper Straws

Plastic straws are such a waste and cannot be readily recycled. Eco-friendly hotels don’t hand out straws freely or have paper alternatives (which can be recovered).

Tap Water

Ideally, water should be safe to drink reducing the need for plastic water bottles. Alternatively, a sanitation system on the property to ensure plastic bottles are not needed: glasses and ceramic mugs for drinking instead of single-use plastic or paper cups.

Natural Fibres

Bedding and furniture should be made from natural fibres, which not only reduces sensitivity issues, are super comfortable and have a cleaner manufacture process than synthetic fibres!

Eco-policies are clearly stated

Properties that practice environmentally sound policies are generally proud to tell their customers! Read reviews and check online before you book.

The Future Is Bright…

There are always new ways to stay greener such as using organic food, natural cleaning products, increasing recycling rates, chlorine-free pool sanitation and boutiques for locally made products; green tourism is moving forwards!

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