Light Up The Night at the Lumiere Festival

London hosted the Lumiere Light Festival for the second time this weekend, following a very successful launch in 2016. With over 50 installations around Westminster, King’s Cross, Southbank and the West End I was really looking to visiting again.

Here are some of the highlights from the festival:

The Light of The Spirit [Part 2] by Patrice Warrener at Westminster Abbey


A colour image is projected onto the front of Westminster Abbey, as it the abbey itself was painted with colour and it changes colour throughout the evening. Walking up from Victoria Street and turning the corner to face this hypnotic and alluring sight.

Child Hood by Collectif Coln at Trafalgar Square


Trafalgar Square was lit with numerous luminous balloons that lit up synchronised to music. This tranquil, yet slightly haunting music and the structured light show was wonderfully strange.

Spectral by Katarzyna Malejka and Joachim Stuhocki at St James’s Square


The geometric sprawling of cord (probably the most accurate description) with UV lights is wrapped around trees in St James’s Square, in a balance between natural and artificial. The colours changed depending on your perspective and vantage point

Harmonic Portal by Chris Plant at St James’s Church, Jermyn Street


The harmonic portal combined colour and sound, where the sounds are based on colour spectrum, with light changing in and out of the frame. The colour combinations, amplifying the natural texture of the surrounding walls, with the musical harmonies.

The Wave by Vertigo at Riverside Walkway


40 triangles form this walkway on the Southbank and the lights are interactive, responding to the space around them, and change depending on the sounds and movement around them. So every person who visits the Wave has a truly unique experience.

Compared to the 2016 event, I found the piece a bit too interpretive and modern. Although the festival was good, I did find 2016 a bit better. Whether that was due to the pieces or because it was the first time it was hosted in London.

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